Wedding Video and Photography FAQ

What is documentary wedding coverage?

It’s what we do. Documentary photography focuses heavily on capturing the emotion and essence of your wedding. Our emphasis is on candid, natural photographs or video captured unobtrusively, but we will shoot the traditional family groupings before or after the ceremony if you desire.

I only want pictures or video of my ceremony can you give me a price for just one hour of coverage?

Because we only accept one event per day, we do not reduce our standard rates, no matter how small or large the event!

Do you photograph or video record anything besides weddings?

We also shoot national magazine work and national and local advertising campaigns.

We also shoot professional or video record sporting events and high-end editorial work. Being able to shoot a variety of subject matter keeps us both sharp and energized. We are fulltime, professional videographer and photographers.

Do I have to choose between color and black-and-white photography?

No! Since our studio is dedicated to 100-percent digital capture we can produce any image from your wedding in color, black-and-white, sepia or watercolor effect… it’s limited only by your imagination.

Do I get to keep the negatives?

With digital photography, there are no physical negatives. All images are archived in a digital media CD or USB. The digital files from your wedding can be released to with out a fee.

When the digital files are released to your possession, you will also receive a letter granting you permission for unlimited personal use of the images. This includes making copies for friends and family, scanning the images and posting them on the web, or e-mailing them, and other such personal use.

Will you post the pictures online?

If you choose, your images will also be posted in a private, password-protected online gallery so that any of your friends and family may order what they like.

How many pictures will you take?

As many as it takes to completely document your day! Hundreds, usually. We average between 800 and 1,000 but at one amazingly, intricate, fun and passionate wedding, we shot 2,000.

We shoot whatever it takes to capture your day. We generally have at least two photographers shooting your wedding.

Some weddings are so action-packed, we spend the entire time shooting. Other weddings are more laid-back and casual, and we shoot at a different pace.

Based on the energy level of the crowd, the family dynamics and the overall ambiance, we shoot as much as we feel necessary to capture the real emotions of the day.

Do I get a complete set of them?

We do edit them. We try to avoid the obvious misfires – mom’s blinking, an image that doesn’t flatter you, that sort of thing – weeded out. We also edit it down to a manageable number, usually around 800 images. We have learned offering more than that can get overwhelming. We want to give you the best – where every image makes your heart swell.

The images that remain after the edit are assembled in an Image Magazine. An image magazine contains all your images, with the time stamped underneath, providing a seamless time line of your day. We have samples in the studio for you to view, or we can FedEx an example to you.

How long will I have to wait after my wedding to see my pictures or video?

It is always our first priority to get the photos ready and online. As you can imagine, with the number of pictures we are talking about, it normally takes a week to 15-20 days.

Is a bridal portrait session included?

Generally, a bridal session costs extra. These are some of our favorite sessions. Some brides choose to shoot their bridal portraits after the big day, so we can do some fun things and poses with the gown.

We can also shoot the bridal portrait before your wedding; some families like to display the portrait at the reception. It’s up to you.

How long will you stay at the wedding?

Depends on the package you choose.

Do you travel to shoot weddings?

Absolutely! We’ve photographed weddings across the country and around the world. We live in Georgia, but will go anywhere. We can work out the logistics when you book us. In fact when we travel we don’t charge “travel fees” we just charge our normal rates plus expenses.

I think I want to hire you, but I’m still looking. Will you give me right of first refusal if anyone else calls for my date?

We wish we could.

Until an agreement is signed and a retainer paid, we have to work on a first-come, first-served basis, and hoping your date remains available.

If you think we are the right fit, please call, especially if your wedding is in the spring or fall, because those dates are the first to go.

Do you bring back-up equipment to your assignments?
Of course, we have a back-up for every piece of equipment we own.

How far in advance should I book you?

We recommend securing your photographer at least 16-2 months in advance, particularly if your wedding is in a “prime” month (in the Southeast, April-May and September-October are the busiest months.) July and August dates are less popular, as are the winter months – these dates can be booked 6-9 months in advance (at the latest). If you don’t have that much time, call us anyway – we may still have your date open, or we may have had a cancellation.

Ok, I love your work and I want to hire you. Now what do I do?

Just let us know. We can talk about your needs and we will send you an agreement and you’re your album options. We require a retainer of one-half of the package price at the time we sign the Agreement, and the balance, plus all applicable sales taxes must be paid in full 30 days prior to the wedding date.

Once we have signed the Agreement and the retainer is paid, your date is booked.